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What is Sklink?

Sklink is an online platform from where people can offer the benefits of their experiences, talents and skills with the entire world in a simple and personalized way - whilst getting paid for it!

It's where people can register as a Sklink Linker, they are the ones who get to offer the knowledge of their specialty area to our Sklink Searchers.
It's also where people can register as a Sklink Searcher, they are the ones who want to connect with and benefit from, our friendly Sklink Linkers.
It's as simple as that!

Sklink's News

As we are a newly launched Website we are incredibly keen to fill our database with fantastic Linkers, Linkers who will offer Services and Information that our Searchers will be extremely eager to access! Be one of the first to join this innovative platform of ‘everyday people helping everyday people’ and start connecting today!

How Sklink can help you

By joining Sklink today as a Searcher, you can access a wealth of knowledge and experience by making a personal connection with one of our Linkers. Or perhaps you would prefer to join as a Linker so as you can share your passion whilst earning money, you decide the Link fee amount for your service and we keep only 20% for our commission!

The Sklink model offers both Free and Premium memberships to Linkers and Searcher memberships are free. This concept has been designed to offer one-to-one connections that are mutually beneficial to both Linkers and Searchers. The exchange of advice and information from a myriad of interest areas, using a realistic fee structure, allows the interaction to be equally advantageous.

Our Premium Linkers and their Services